Drop Off & Pick Up

  • Drop Off

    Once you have prepared and entered all your items you will bring them to Meadowview during your drop off appointment.  At this time you will receive your tickets for all Pre-Sales that you qualify for as well as an opportunity to pick up any flyers or postcards to share with friends and family.

    Schedule Your Drop Appointment
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  • Preparing for Drop-Off

    1. Be sure all items are tagged and hung properly (tag on the left side of the garment – right side facing you and hanger shaped like a question mark – open towards the left) and are free of stains (remember our new policy)
    2. Put clothing in size order and separate boys and girls. This helps our volunteers a great deal when they are putting your items on the floor. You can group sizes together with a rubber band or a string to keep them together.
    3. Be sure all toys, equipment and games work properly and have all pieces –  we will now be issuing a warning for first offense and fees after that.
    4. Load all your items in your car for delivery.
    5. Arrive during your scheduled drop off time and come to the back
      of the convention center – look for TUAC signs
    6. When you arrive come in and check in at the desk to receive your tickets before you unload your items.  Once you have checked in you can unload your car.  We have racks and buggies available if you need them.  There will be sections to drop your items off in so please have your items separated in boys and girls and by size. Before you leave please pick up some postcards to give out to friends and family to let them know about the event.
    7.  Any unacceptable items will be returned to you at pick up on Saturday and will be marked it they were pulled for stains.
  • Drop and Go

    Drop and go appointments: you will sign up to drop your items and go during a window of time for a certain day. When you arrive, before unloading your items, you will check in with a volunteer at the back door to check in and receive your passes and fliers to give to friends and family.  If you have small children with you or have items that you need help unloading, please let our check in volunteer know and they can have someone help you unload your items.  

    We will have stations for clothing and shoes, toys and baby items, and items that require large item tickets.  Please take your items to the proper station. There will be tables marked with clothing sizes so you can lay your sized clothing items on the corresponding table.  

    We will assume that all the inventory that is listed in the computer has been delivered and will all be checked in. If there are items you did not bring but are still in your inventory in the computer this is not a problem as long as you know that you did not bring it.  Please keep in mind that while this option is very secure, we are not responsible for any items that are missing at pick up.   Please review our new policy on unacceptable items.