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    DO YOU QUALIFY FOR TUAC PERKS for past consignors- 

    When you have at least 25 items and your sell thru rate is 80% or higher from the previous sale you will get to enter the pre-sale 30 min early!!!  We will have a list at the door and also notify you by email.  You can find your sell thru rate on your seller report when you log into your account.

    When you have at least 50 items and your selll thru rate is 90% or higher from the previous sale your inventory limits are lifted and you can bring as many items as you like plus enter pre-sale early!!!

    How can I earn TUAC Perks for the next sale??

    1. Price your items to sell! 

      overpriced items tend to sit on the sales floor and go back home with the owner.  Really think about what you might be willing to pay for the item.  Check out our pricing guide as well.  

    2. Mark your items to be discounted!

      We have thousand of shoppers that come thru our sale and see your item.  If your items didnt sell during pre-sales or opening day it could be it was priced a little high – if it’s marked discount it may sell at 25% off on Friday or 50% on Sat.  This keeps you from bringing that item back home.  

    3. Make sure your items are clean, parts and pieces working, clothes hung well with very little wrinkles and in great condition.  

      We get several of the same item – if your item looks the best and is priced well your item is selling first! And usually if you have worked hard to make it attractive, you can add to the price a little – so taking the time to clean your items and have them looking nice goes a long way!

    If your sell thru rate wasn’t what you would have liked for it to have been please contact us and let us help you get those items sold.  Just email and I would be happy to help you work on pricing and preparation!  We want you to end the weekend with a big check and no items to bring home!