Let TUAC Help You Quickly Turn Your Children's Items Into Cash!

  • TUAC Consignors Make An Average Of $310 in a Weekend!

  • You may have tried consignment stores, buy/sale/trade groups, or posting your items on your own page, only to sell a few items and spend time trying to co-ordinate schedules for item pick up.  TUAC offers you a way to clear the clutter all in one weekend with a BIG Check, Less frustration, AND an opportunity to shop TUAC early!  And we’ve got your back thru the entire process!

  • It's This Easy:

    1. Register and Tag Items 2. Drop off items 3. Get a Check for at least 65% of sold items
  • Sell Your Items to Thousands of Moms, Dads, Grandparents and More at TUAC

    August 22-24

    TNT Sportsplex in Kingsport

    Deadline to Register August 11th

    • I love the TUAC Consignment sale because I make money to pay for the clothes I buy at the sale. It is a win, win situation!

    • I love TUAC because it just makes sense for Moms to shop this way. I love the ease of consigning and the appreciation for volunteers. I love the Facebook updates and shares as well!

    • Great way to find quality clothes and make 💰



    • What kinds of things can I sell?
      Clothing, toys, baby equipment, outdoor toys, games, books, shoes, sporting equipment, and anything that relates to kids!
    • Does it matter what season the clothes are?
      Yes, our March sale is spring and summer items and our August sale is fall and winter items
    • When can I drop my items?
      When you register you can sign up for a drop off appt on the Saturday – Monday before the event.  It is a 2 hour window that you can drop your items off
    • How do I get paid?
      We send your payment thru PayPal and it arrives in 4 days after the last day of the sale (usually by Thursday after the sale)
    • Do my clothes have to be on hangers?
      Yes, your clothes must be on hangers with the opening facing the left (like a question mark) 
    • What if I need help?
      We are happy to help you thru the entire process.  If you run into a question just shoot Shanna an email (shanna@tuackidssale.com) or message us on Facebook!  We can walk you thru any steps or help with pricing and more!