Accepted Items

    • 25 Item Minimum

      You must have at least 25 items to shop early as a consignor

    • Clothing Maximum

      No more than 80 tagged clothing items per consignor (note – one tagged item may include more than one piece) unless you are bringing for a boy and a girl and then you may have a total of 120 pieces (about 60 each) and 0-24 mo is limited to 50 items per gender max

    • Juniors Brands

      Unfortunately we will no longer be accepting Jr clothing except Athleisure (Lululemon, Athleta. Zella, Outdoor Voices, etc)

    • New Categories

      NEW CATEGORY!!!!
      HOME DECOR and FURNITURE – 5 pieces only and must be current styles
      MATERNITY can now be added up to 15 items!
      NEW DEPT – Teachers Corner! All items for teachers!

    Tagging Deadline August 19th!

    Hurry! Don't Miss Out!


  • Acceptable Items

    • 5 Items of Home Decor (current styles only)
    • Seasonal Shoes (Limit 8 per consignor per gender)
    • 15 Pieces of Maternity
    • TEACHER’S CORNER – accepting items that we usually take for the teacher’s sale
    • Clean Equipment & Furniture (beds, strollers, high chairs, toddler beds, swings, etc.)
    • Junior Athleisure (lululemon, athleta, outdoor voices, zella, etc) 
    • Toys, Games, Books, DVDs, 
    • Outdoor Toys (slides, houses, swings) 
    • Lightweight jackets and rain gear (Spring Sale)
    • Heavy Jackets and Snow Gear (Fall Sale )
    • Dance Attire
    • Easter sweaters and dresses (Spring Sale only)
    • Christmas and Halloween (Fall Sale only)
    • Dress Up / pretend play clothing
    • Jeans (Fall Sale Only)
    • Shorts (Spring Sale Only)
    • Dress pants and khakis 
    • Bicycles, scooters, skate boards
    • Xbox, Wii, and Playstation games and consoles
    • Ipod, tablets, etc (will be kept behind register)
    • School Uniforms and Home School Curriculum
    • Children’s Furniture (beds, dressers, chests) and Room Décor
    • Women’s designer purses (Kate Spade, Coach, Gucci, Vera Bradley, Dooney & Bourke, Louis Vuitton, Burberry, Prada, Chanel, Brighton)
    • DVD’s for Parents and Teens ( nothing above R rating)
    • Craft and Scrapbooking supplies
  • Unacceptable Items

    • Stereo equipment, printers, TVs
    • Breastpumps
    • NO  dishes, appliances, serving pieces – these are not home decor
    • NO Juniors (accept athleisure items), MENS OR WOMENS CLOTHING
    • Computer Equipment
    • No inclined sleepers for infants
    • Any item that we feel smells like smoke
    • Any item that has missing or broken pieces
    • Any item that is not clean and in great resale condition (this is at the discretion of TUAC)
    • Any VHS
    • Used or opened underwear, pacifiers, nursing bras
    • Clothing with the tags removed that specify brand and size
    • Cribs manufactured before July 2011
    • Infant Slings due to recalls
    • Shirts with slogans “I luv Myrtle Beach”, etc
    • No jeans for spring sale 
    • Due to the ability to purchase the following brands new at an inexpensive price we will not be accepting any brands from Wal-mart: including Faded Glory, McKids, Kid Connection, JC Penny: Okie Dokie, Kohls: Jumping Bean, any brands from K Mart including : Small Wonder, Basic Edition, Sears: TKS, and Fisher Price Clothing (does not include toys, baby equipment, and games)
      Bagged clothing will not be accepted. All clothing should be on hangers.
    • Clothing that is over 5 years old or outdated
    • Stuffed Animals unless a licensed character that have movement or sound
    • Tagged items with more than 3 hangers
    • Car Seats that are out of date (check back sticker)
    • Any item that has been recalled – if you are not sure visit for more info or check our recall page.