• Why Consign with Us?

    • Make at least 65% of what your items sell for, and more by volunteering.
    • As a consignor who brings at least 25 items, you will  have the opportunity to shop our events Pre Sale on Wednesday and Friday night as well as invite a guest for Wednesday night.
    • A garage sale only gets you 1/10 of what you paid for your items and with consignment stores it could be weeks before your item sells and then you may only get 40%-50% of the price they set.
    • Enter your inventory online, print your tags, and save time on not having to make and handwrite index cards
    • Know how much you have sold at the end of each day by checking online from our website!
    • DRIVE THRU DROP OFF!  Just drive up to our roll up doors and pass your items to our volunteers – we will do the rest!  Super easy!!!

    Try our event and you will see how in the midst of recycling your children’s items you also have the opportunity to purchase great items for a great price!




    • Step 1:
      Register to Consign

      New Consignors

      Returning Consignors

    • Step 2:
      Accepted Items
      View Guidelines
    • Step 3:
      Prep Your Items
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    • Step 4:
      Drop Off & Pick Up
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  • Fees & Payment Information

    Fees:  All consignors pay a registration fee of $3, $5 or $7 thru paypal when signing up.  If you register and do not consign for any reason your fee will be forfeited.   The only other fees a participating consignor will incur is 35% of their sales or Express Tagging fee if that is chosen.  

    Pre-Sale: Consignors may shop early (before the public) on Wednesday, March 3rd @ 5pm.  Each consignor will get a friends pass that will allow them to enter WEDNESDAY, March 3rd @ 7pm.  One person per ticket. NO CHILDREN ON THIS NIGHT

    Pick Up:  Consignors may pick up their items on Saturday, March 6th 2-4 pm any items left after 6:00 pm will be donated.  You need to sign up for a pick up time just like your drop off time.  Do this on your account.

  • Checking Earnings:  By logging into your consignors information page you have the ability to check your earnings after each sale day.  Depending on how late we are open determines when the information is uploaded because we cannot upload until we get home to internet service.  We do our very best to have your sales posted as early as we can but do not guarantee them until 9 AM after each public sale day.  On Saturday, if time permits, we will try to upload your sales prior to pick up.  This will help you to know what you have left and if you would like to pick it up or leave it to be donated.  If we get Saturday’s sales uploaded we will send an email out letting you know.  An email with your Sellers Report will be emailed to you by the Tuesday following the sale, with a list of all your items sold and if they were sold with a discount or not.

    NEW PAYMENT PROCESS:  All payments will be sent thru Deluxe E-Checks system to the email address on the account.  When you receive your email with your check you can pay a fee and have it direct deposited, print and use mobile checking to deposit (no fee) or print and take to your bank to deposit or cash (no fee).  This payment process is instant and eliminates the issue of waiting on a check in the mail, lost checks in the mail or incorrect addresses.  I know there were some concerns with the new laws with reporting PayPal and Venmo income so to alleviate any concerns we have made this change. You will have 60 days to claim your payment and after that your check will be void.  If you require another check to be sent there will be a $7 fee.    E-check payments will be emailed out by the Tuesday after the sale.  *If you request a paper check there will be a $7 processing fee and can take up to 2-3 weeks to receive your payment.