• What is a children’s consignment sale?

    A children’s consignment sale is a GREAT way for you to rid your home of the things your children have outgrown and earn some money. We are not a garage sale and you do not have be present during the sale to sell your items. We are different from a consignment store because you receive a larger percentage of your items and are sold with a weeks time instead of a season. We sell items on your behalf and handle everything from the venue & advertising to merchandising and shopper payments.  It is a fantastic opportunity to buy and sell excellent quality children’s clothing, toys and more at amazing prices.

    How do I register as a consignor?

    If you would like to consign at our upcoming sale please click here to go to our registration page.

    Is there a fee to consign?

    TriCities Upscale Affordable Consignment charges a participation fee to each consignor. The fee to consign is $3 for returning consignor registration $5-7 otherwise and cannot be refunded.

    Is my fee refunded if I change my mind about consigning?

    No, sorry, registration fees are non-refundable.  Our software company charges us for each registration whether you consign or not.

    Where do I log in to my account?

    Under the consignor tab – Consignor Log In.

    How much will I earn on sold items?

    You will earn 65% on all of your items. Items are offered for sale at full-price during the pre sale and the first 2 public sale days and if marked to discount they will be sold at 50% off on Saturday. You will earn 65% of the price they are sold.  Volunteering can earn you are higher percentage on your items

    What can I consign?

    You may sell just about anything baby or child related. Items include, but are not limited to, clothing (infant – teen), shoes, outerwear, dress up, toys, dance outfits, uniforms, books, DVDs, infant gear, outdoor play, bikes, infant furniture and more. There are a few items we do accept including maternity clothing and drop side cribs.  Please refer to our Accepted Items page for specifics.

    Do you accept maternity clothing?

    Yes –  We are now accepting 15 pieces of maternity clothing. 

    Is there a limit to the number of items I may consign?

    Yes, on clothing.  Consignors can only bring a total 80 clothing items unless they are bringing 2 genders then they can bring a total of 120 clothing items (about 60 each).  Infant clothing is limited to 50 clothing items per gender in sizes 0-24 months. Girls and Boys Jr Clothing 15 pieces

    Do you limit infant clothing?

    We limit each consignor to 50 clothing items per gender in sizes 0-24 months. We will count infant at drop-off so only bring your best 

    Are there items that you will NOT accept from consignors?

    Yes. We will not accept items recalled by the CPSIA or items that we deem are not in very good to excellent condition. Clothing must be free from stains, tears, pulls, fading and excessive wear. Certain brands/stores.  Other items are listed on our Accepted/Unaccepted items page.

    How do I know what to price my items?

    You should price each item for at least $2. We offer you some pricing guidelines on the website but as a general rule, you should price things 1/4 – 1/3 of their original retail price. Popular or name-brand items can be priced higher. You are the best judge, price an item for no more than you would be willing to pay for that same item. Consignment Mommies website is a great resource for information!

    Do you require clothing to be on hangers?

    Yes. You will need to hang all clothing on hangers. We will no longer accept clothing in bags

    Will my hangers be returned to me?

    No. In order to manage check-out lines we are unable to retain hangers. 

    How can I earn the highest percentage – 75%?

    Consignors earn a minimum of 65%. You will earn 75% when you become a team member and work four 2-hour shifts 

    Is there a deadline to enter inventory?

    Yes.  August 20 @ midnight is the deadline to enter inventory. 

    Will I be able to track my sales during the event?

    Yes! Consignors will be able to track sales daily. Sales statistics will not be “live” but will be updated each morning before 9 am (Lord willing – sometimes we have a few computer upload issues and its later) . Items sold on the same day as pick up will post by 4 pm that evening (we will send out an email if it posts sooner.) 

    When and where do I drop off my items before the sale?

    Items may be dropped off to us as during your designated drop off time at the side of TNT Sportsplex. We will communicate to you about drop off a week prior and will include specific instructions.

    Will I need an appointment to drop off things?

    Yes. All consignors will be required to schedule an appointment to drop off merchandise.

    Appointments are available on a first-come-first-serve basis and are scheduled online.

    IMPORTANT: If you neglect to schedule an appointment or miss an appointment you may still check in during drop off times but will be asked to wait until current scheduled consignors are checked in. 

    Do I have to pick up my items after the sale?

    No. You may choose to donate all or selected items to local charities. All items not picked up by 6:01 pm on Saturday, regardless of the consignor’s preference, will be donated.

    What time on Saturday must items be picked up?

    Consignors need to arrange to pick up anything they do not want donated. Pick-up is Saturday 4:00 pm – 6:00 pm.

    How to I get my items when I pick up? 

    When you arrive log into your account on your phone and pull the unsold items list.  This will tell you items that are there for you to pick up.  We will have volunteers on the floor to assist you in locating any items.  When you have finished collecting your items you will check out with a volunteer to be sure the items are correct. Please be sure to check our pulled items rack and check our table of items that lost their tags. Any items you would like to donate you can leave those items for donation

    What if I don’t pick up my items on Saturday?

    Consignors are not required to pick up their items. By marking tags DONATE: YES, we will donate those items to charity. If your items are marked DONATE: NO and you DO NOT come to pick them up, we will donate those items to local charities as well. Sorry, No Exceptions.

    Will TUAC provide a tax receipt of items I donated?

    No, we do not have the capability to do this, however, you can determine what items did not sell from your sellers report and it is possible the charity can provide you with a receipt. You would contact Friends and Neighbors or Goodwill. You can print out an unsold items report and this will give you a list of items that you donated if you DID NOT mark donate on those items.  For items you DID mark donate you can print out a donation report from your account as well.

    When will I receive payment for my sold items?

    We will send payment thru Paypal within 4 days of the close of the sale to the address you provided at registration. Please contact us if you have not received an email regarding your deposit of your earnings into your Paypal account.  If you request a paper check there will be a $5 and can take up to 2-3 weeks to receive.

    Will you provide me with a list of items that sold?

    You can log into your account online to see a final list of  what items have sold once the sale is over. 

    What if I find that an item is missing?

    We do our best to keep tabs on every item that comes through our doors. However we cannot be held responsible for items lost before, during or after the sale. The best defense against theft and loss is preparing your items well and having plenty of volunteers. The more help we have on the floor, the less opportunity people have to steal. You can also fill out a form and if we locate the items we can contact you.