Pick Up & Unsold Items

  • *New Pick Up Procedure*

    In interest of allowing more time to sell your items, use our volunteers more efficiently to sell your items, and to make it more convenient for you to pick up you items with a larger window, we willl no longer be fully sorting items at pick up. You will have from 2-4pm on Saturday to pick up your items. We will have your account updated and you will be able to see a list of unsold items for you to use to see what items remain. We will have volunteers on the floor to help you locate items as well. Once you have gathered your items you will check out with a volunteer to be sure you have collected the correct items. Any items you are not interested in retreiving you can leave on the rack/table.
  • Option 1

    Unsold items can be picked up on Saturday, March 5th between 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm. Items not picked up by 4:01 pm will be donated to a charity of our choice. If you are unable to pick up at this date/time, please arrange for someone else (another seller, family member, neighbor) to pick up your items.  We are allowing pick up to go longer to spread everyone out.  We also have a table of items at the door that have missing tags so please check that to be sure that none of those items are yours. Your items will not be sorted

  • Option 2

    Unsold items can be donated. This year we are excited to announce that we will again be donating all of our items to various charities. When you are entering your items you can mark donate on each item that you would like to donate – you can choose to donate all or just a few.  If you choose to donate all your items, you will not need to come on Saturday to pick up.


  • Option 3

    You may look at your inventory online and see that the items left you are not interested in picking up. Even if you did not mark to donate them you do not have to pick them up because any items that are left at 4:01 pm will be donated.  If you choose to do this you can let us know by email but this is not mandatory since items left at that point are donated regardless.

  • Option 4

    We will no longer be offering a paid option for sorting your items.  We tried last sale and it was to confusing because people had items on the list they didn’t bring and we were spending alot of time looking for items that weren’t there to begin with or the description were not very good and we didn’t know what we were looking for.  We will have staff ready and available to help anyone that needs assistance on finding their items

  • Missing Items

    Final sale totals for Saturday will be posted by midnight.  We have had, on occasion, a consignor who realizes they are missing an item. Here are some ways this can happen:

    • Item was misplaced in another consignors pile during sorting
    • Tag fell off item and we were unable to determine the consignor (always check table or rack at the door with tagless items when leaving)
    • Item was marked “donate”
    • Item was sold without a tag and we keep a list of these items so check with us.

    Unfortunately, another reason the item may not have made it home with you is theft.  Please keep in mind that while we do our best to deter theft and tag swapping, it may occur without our knowledge.  To better protect your items, please be sure your tags are on your items as secure as possible.  Each sale we find tags on the floor and we are continually trying to locate their match. 

  • If you are missing an item we will do our best to locate it but
    please remember

    we are not responsible for these items.